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Haw Par Music Farm

video ©2014 Haw Par Music Foundation

With the goal of “revitalisation” that falls under the Historic Buildings through Partnership Scheme (Revitalisation Scheme) of the Commissioner of the Heritage’s Office, Development Bureau, the “Haw Par Music Farm” (HPMF) is a unique place and platform that envisions serving two purposes:

(a) Conservation. The restoration of the historic Haw Par Mansion, built in the Chinese Eclectic style, which also features Western spatial planning and construction methods with an adoption of traditional Chinese architectural elements in its appearance, is to be conserved as a heritage landmark with selective original artifacts on display. The Mansion is to be open for public and tourists’ enjoyment; and (b) Development. The re-adaptive use of the building will house vibrant, enriched Chinese and Western music learning and related programs that cater to various sectors of the people of Hong Kong. It seeks to provide a culturally enriching environment through integrated social outreach programs and group activities, with the goal of nurturing the next generation of arts practitioners and future cultural /service leaders. It is our belief that the shaping of moral character is of a higher order than, if not equally as important as, the training of skills.

As a non-profit social organization/initiative, HPMF is committed to provide scholarship and bursary programs benefitting every one out of four (25%) students and to ensure a diversified student group from all walks of life in its programs. HPMF is honoured to have the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO) as its key strategic partner. Dr. Carlye Tsui, Chairman of HKCO, remarks: “As a cultural ambassador of Hong Kong Arts, HKCO has been engaged in promoting Chinese music and arts to the world, and providing citizens of Hong Kong with various Chinese music events and education programs. Through the HPMF initiative, of which we share its vision and core values, HKCO shall be able to further enhance these efforts.”

The Aw Boon Haw Foundation has also set up a Special Purpose Company, HKAM Foundation Limited, which in itself is a charitable not-for-profit organization. Chairman Emeritus of the Steering Committee, Mr. Tom Chan remarks: “We are delighted to have enlisted major support from all enthusiastic individuals and organizations, with the forming of a 5-member Steering Committee with experts in the music, architecture, conservation and social work arena. We will restore the Mansion with furnishings and selective original artifacts. Requirements for preserving the significant character defining elements will be observed with minimal intervention and change to the original structure that are needed for compliance with Building Ordinances and fulfillment of modern day requirements.” About HKAM Foundation Limited HKAM Foundation Limited, a non-profit making organisation (NPO) with charitable status granted under section 88, is a Special Purpose Company (SPC) created for the sole purpose of managing the “Haw Par Music Farm” (HPMF) initiative. The NPO has recently formed a 5-member Steering Committee (SC), with Mr. Tom Chan as Chairman Emeritus, Prof. Ho Puay Peng as Chairman, as well as Mr. Gordon Siu, Prof. Chan Wing Wah, and Mr. Timothy Ma as SC members.

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