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At present, five organizations have been nominated to recognize the Fifth Batch of Kunlunguan battle site museums, Longyan City.  Aw Boon Haw Museum is one of the selected nominations.

Aw Boon Haw Museum is situated in the Zhongchuan, Yongding, Fujian.  In 1983, after the State implemented the policy of returning family property to the Aw family, the Aw Boon Haw Foundation sponsored secondary funding to renovate the Haw Par Man...

Yongding Overseas Chinese Hospital is located in the famous Overseas Chinese area, Xia Yang, Yongding, Fujian.  As the Overseas Chinese hospital was gradually aging, with old facilities, the original premises were more and more unable to meet the needs of patients in need of medical treatment.  To improve the medical conditions of local people, the Aw Boon Haw Foundation, in 2012, donated RMB10M towards the re-construction of...

In December 2015, one transportation van and 20 multi-position electric beds were donated to Jin Qiao Home for the Elderly in the amount of RMB220,000.

The Foundation donated RMB500,000 towards the construction of the Memorial Hall for Early Hakka History (1500 square meters). The project began in September 2009 and was completed in December 2013. The Hall tells the story how people in Central China moved to South China, later called Hakka People.

22 Feb 2013

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With the goal of “revitalisation” that falls under the Historic Buildings through Partnership Scheme (Revitalisation Scheme) of the Commissioner of the Heritage’s Office, Development Bureau, the “Haw Par Music Farm” (HPMF) is a unique place and platform that envisions serving two purposes:

(a) Conservation. The restoration of the historic Haw Par Mansion, built in the Chinese Eclectic style,...

31 Jan 2013

Haw Par Music Foundation Limited is a not-for-profit educational organisation formed in 2013. We envision to serve a dual purpose: to provide a cultural environment for the people of Hong Kong to study Western and Chinese music and to conserve the unique Haw Par Mansion as a heritage landmark open to the public.

Under the HKSAR Government’s Revitalising Historic Buildings through Partnership Scheme, the three-storey Haw Par Man...

In 2012, the Foundation donated RMB10M towards construction of new facilities at  Xia Yang Overseas Chinese Hospital, which will be completed in mid 2017.

Since the Bookmobile was put into service in October 2007, Guangzhou Children's Library has visited remote areas of Guangdong Province to provide the books to the children and the citizens. To date, the number of readers has reached 15,990 persons, 1699 library cards have been issued, and 6986 books have been lent.

15 May 2008

The Foundation donated HK$1,142,000 to Chung Hwa Middle School. The school used these funds to construct a new building, recently completed and designated Aw Boon Haw Hall.

The Foundation donated a mobile library to the new branch of the Guangzhou Children's Library. The mobile library holds 10,000 volumes that circulate to children in 200 schools in the Guangzhou metropolitan and suburban areas.

The newly-built Tiger Pagoda was dedicated in a ceremony attended by more than 400 overseas dignitaries and Chinese officials. The celebration took place on the 125th anniversary of Aw Boon Haw's birth. The seven-story pagoda and adjacent monument to Aw Boon Haw stand on a hillside overlooking Aw Boon Haw Mansion and Museum. The pagoda, museum, and gate to the museum have become a popular tourist site in Yongding County. Many...

After attending the dedication of a new science wing at Qiaoyu Secondary School, financed by the Aw Boon Haw Foundation, Mr Chan Wai Kwong and Mrs Shirley Chan Tang Kai donated HK$50,000 to the Aw Boon Haw Foundation. The Chans earmarked this money for a new playground at the school; the Foundation matched the HK$50,000, making the grant for the playground HK$100,000.

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